3 Reasons to Choose Screen Printing T-Shirts for Your Team

When searching for custom sports t-shirts in Miami, there are a lot of options available. You can get monogrammed polos, embroidered shirts, and other modern designs. Yet there is value to old school screen print t-shirts. Here are three reasons to choose screen print t-shirts for your next team uniform.


When shirts are designed using screen printing, the ink lies on top of the shirt. This allows for the colors to stay bright, vibrant, and distinct. The colors do not melt into the shirt so any color will be compatible with any design.


Screen printing allows for endless design options. The shirts can be personalized with names or monograms. Companies have a myriad of design options premade, or you can create your own. Screen printing can be applied to any kind of garment. This makes it a perfect choice for anything from business groups to dance teams.

Perfect For All Weather

Print screening can be applied to breathable cotton, polyester, poly blends, and more. The printing can be applied to tank tops, sweatshirts, and everything between. If your group is a band who needs sweatshirts for outdoor evenings, this is perfect. Screen printing is equally perfect for dancers who need breathable clothing options.

Having custom t-shirts can bring any group together. It makes a team feel connected. It makes a workgroup feel unified. There are lots of options for custom sports t-shirts in Miami. Finding the right store who understands your vision will lead to success in every facet.

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