3 Reasons to Design Your Own Family Reunion T-Shirt

Often new customers have no idea what’s involved in ordering their custom family reunion t-shirts. They just know they need t-shirts in a variety of colors and sizes with a family logo and name.

  1. You’ll find logo t-shirts available in a variety of colors to match your family reunion, event, and theme color. Regardless of your choices in t-shirt for your reunion, you and your family will have a great time together and have a keepsake to remember how much fun you had!
  2. Family reunion shirts are great to help in keeping track of a large group. This is especially true if your event is being held at a public venue, a guided tour, or even at a cruise ship or theme park.
  3. T-shirts can be printed in different colors to differentiate generations or teams if you plan to have competitive sports at your family reunion. T-shirt designs can be made with the name of the family and the year of the reunion, along with a family motto or special message.

Planning gives every member of the family enough time to save up for the big occasion, make advanced reservations, if required, schedule time off from work, organize agendas, and will be more than adequate time to have the t-shirts ready.

Additionally, you can avoid wasting your time in searching for t-shirts with the same design on them. All in all, the company provides you the ability to add in colorful images, text, poems, one-liners, photos on the fully custom t-shirts.

Some customers choose white t-shirts right away for custom family shirts, thinking these are the best choice. While designs do show up well on white, we suggest choosing a brightly colored t-shirt. Your family reunion members will be much easier to spot in a crowd in the event you split up or get separated.

At Artees, we have a variety of customizable family reunion t-shirt designs.

Here’s a few options to choose from:

  • Cruises
  • Chili cookoff
  • Theme Parks
  • And more family reunion designs

Along with serving as a souvenir from your family reunion, t-shirts give everyone a coordinated outfit when it’s time for pictures with the group.

Customized with photographs, or a number of colors, we all have a variety of affordable choices to guarantee producing custom t-shirts with your design does not break your budget. The Design Studio contains everything you want to design your family reunion tops with different t-shirt colors, font designs, clip artwork and art to select from and modify.

Stay cool and comfy with short sleeve tees or custom tank tops Pick from ringers, raglans, jerseys, polos, and other top styles.

How about a contest this year to design the family t-shirt? And what better commemorates a family reunion than printing your custom design on a t-shirt? In addition to family reunion logo shirts, check out other fun items like custom printed koozies, family reunion hats and sweatshirts.
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