3 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are an excellent alternative to t-shirts for uniforms. They add a chic, sporty vibe to everyday apparel. There are many companies that design custom polo shirts in Miami to provide the right image. Choosing the right fabric, style, and color of the polo shirt helps portray what your team is all about.


Some popular fabrics for polo shirts are cotton, polyester, and microfiber. Cotton is known for comfort. It is breathable and comes in various weights for different climates.

Meanwhile, polyester is the perfect fabric for those who need durable material. It is known to keep its shape and hold up over time. They do trap odors, however.

If a lightweight fabric is desired, microfiber polyester is the best choice. It is made to be used for sports, outdoor activities, and labor. Plus, the fabric is odor resistant. This makes it perfect for athletes or those working outdoors.


Polo shirts often come in gender-specific options to be worn snug along the torso. A proper fitting polo will have sleeves that come halfway down the bicep creating a crisp appearance.


The color of a Polo shirt is important. The placement and color of the logo will present a professional appearance when you keep in mind these two things.

1. Choose a dark colored logo to pair with a light-colored polo shirt. For example, if you choose a white polo shirt, then choose a navy or black colored logo. The logo is easily seen and readable on a light-colored shirt.

2. Choose a light-colored logo to pair with a dark colored polo shirt. If you choose a black or navy colored polo shirt, then choose a white or powder blue colored logo that will stand out against the dark colors.

Polo shirts can be customized to fit every team makes it a wonderful alternative to t-shirts. Artees has years of experience screen printing and embroidering custom polo shirts in Miami to ensure the perfect look for your team. Get started inside our easy-to-use Design Center or call us for help with your order at 305-477-1002.

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