4 Tips to Choose the Right Polo Shirt for Your Logo

Your business is important to you. And proper branding is important for your business. Unfortunately, finding the right choice can be difficult. From colors to logos to catchphrases, lots of thought goes into making the proper decision for your brand. One decision when having a custom printed business logo on polo shirts is making sure the type of polo shirt is right for you.

Tips for Choosing The Right Polo Shirt

1. Color

Choosing the right color is important. Having your logo stand out because of bad color choices isn’t the right kind of standing out you want. Likewise, having your logo be difficult to see means it might as well not exist.

2. Type of Fabric

Cotton, polyester, the options are many. Each having their own pro’s and con’s. The right fabric for one logo may be the wrong type for another.

3. Environment factor

Going together with the type of fabric, the environment will also factor into which type of polo shirt is best. An outside environment might mean needing a shirt that leaves you feeling cool and dry.

4. Decorations

Embroidery, screen print, direct-to-garment print, it’s important to make sure the options you choose are the ones best suited for your choice of polo shirt.

The amount of choices can make it easy to make the wrong one. Luckily, by uploading your logo to our Design Studio, we can make it easier for you to have the right custom printed business logo on polo shirts.

Start with these polo shirts for your business:

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