Discover 5 Easy to Create Logos for Your Business T-shirts

You know you need a logo, but you don’t think you can afford a designer. That’s not a problem! Not only do we offer custom t-shirt printing in Miami, but we also help our clients design a logo that best suits their business.
To help you get started on your logo, consider one of these 5 design ideas:

1. Mascot Design

Some companies use mascots as a way to represent their brand. For example, Mailchimp uses a chimpanzee for their brand. Bic created a mascot using a ballpoint pen as their inspiration. Your mascot could be a made-up character or something that is real.

2. Abstract Design

The abstract mark logo is made up of abstract shape that communicates a message from the company. Pepsi uses an abstract mark that works well for its global audience. Many tech businesses opt for this type of design for that reason.

3. Combination Design

This type of logo uses both abstract designs and words to communicate the message. Some of the brands that chose this style include Burger King, Dunkin Donuts, Airbnb, and Wendy’s.

4. Picture (Pictorial) Design

A pictorial mark can also be called a logo symbol or brand mark. This type of icon design is used by Apple, McDonald’s, Target, and Starbucks to name a few.

5. Wordmark Design

This font-based design uses the name of the business as the logo. A few examples of this type of design include Visa, Coca-Cola, and Google.

If you are ready to create a logo that represents your business, reach out to our design studio. Also, get a quote for our custom t-shirt printing in Miami. We can take your logo and put it on t-shirts for your team or promotional giveaways.

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