Dress in Comfort and Style With A Logo Business Polo Shirt in Miami

Logo business polo shirts can provide you with a comfortable work option that is also casual. In Artees’ Design Center, you can add your logo or use a pre-made design for your business polo shirts. Polo shirts make for excellent casual work wear and can be worn all year round, no matter the season.

Casual Work Wear

Anyone can wear business polo shirts. They provide a professional, polished look. You can mix and match them with a variety of pants. The shirts can also match your business brand colors, providing a consistent style that establishes trust in your customers.

Also, polo shirts look great with a wide range of uniforms, such as chinos, slacks, or skirts. Another benefit of wearing polo shirts is that they are made for work indoors or out. Their breathable fabric allows you to stay productive, whether working hard labor or otherwise.

We have a few tips below that help you with wearing business polo shirts in the office.

Match Them to Your Height

The tail of the shirt should not go further than halfway down. Anything over that will cause it to look lumpy under your clothing. If you wear it outside slacks or skirts, avoid long tails.

What we recommend is to select a polo shirt that fits 1-2 inches below your waist. You can tuck it into your pants if needed.

Don’t Layer

You want the shirt to skim, but not hug the frame too tightly. An extra shirt will show under a sleeve and gather at the collar. The shirts typically are not worn in layers. What we recommend is to wear a single polo shirt. If you wear polo shirts in the winter, we also sell jackets that you can customize in our Design Center.

Don’t Wear Them Too Tight

Try to stick your index and middle finger under the shirt. If you can’t, it is too tight, and we recommend you buy a bigger shirt. If it is too loose, drop down a size so that it fits your frame snug.

Wear Small Logos

Large logos appear to be a trend. They started with Ralph Lauren. Avoid large logos unless they are part of a uniform because they stand out too much. While this may be eye-catching and attract attention for your business, it can also look disproportionate on the shirt.

What we recommend is to use small logos that go on the right or left chest. If you want a more pronounced logo, then make it large enough to cover the front of the shirt.

Nothing says versatile like a polo shirt for work. Use Artees’ Design Center to design your shirt with any logo you need.

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