Secrets To That Perfect T-Shirt Fit

Men love their T-shirts. The T-shirt is a staple item in most men’s wardrobe and they even have love affairs with them. I have seen men wearing a T-shirt with holes and stains that are falling apart, nevertheless they have forbidden anyone to throw it away.

When you’re designing your custom t-shirt online for business and work, family reunions, or promotion of a company, be sure you’re getting the right fit. This post is a brief guide on what to look for in a tee-shirt and when taking measurements.

T-Shirts Accent Your Body

To the real T-shirt clotheshorse, the fit, style, cut, material, and color must be a perfect fit for the body. A perfect form-fitting T-shirt can accent the upper torso that is sexy in a way that shows you know how to make something so simple so appealing.

Get the Right Fit

Shoulders – seam lines should follow the line of your shoulders
Sleeves- should fit your arm’s diameter and end above the elbow
Length- shirt should end below the waist about mid hip
Stomach – a slightly tapered look is best
Neck – lays flat without a gap

The T-shirt should not be constricting. Also, too loose of a fit does not look good either.

The Right Fit For V-Neck T-Shirts

A V-neck is a popular t-shirt that many customers are choosing for casual wear. If you like a V-neck cut instead of a crew neck, a rule of thumb is to wear a V-neck that does not come below your armpit.

Choose Your T-Shirt According To Your Body Style

If you are undecided about which neck style is more flattering, crew necks work well with body styles that have sloped shoulders and smaller chests. Shorter men can give the illusion of being taller by wearing a V-neck shirt.

Finding premade shirts that fit your body correctly may be hard to find. Our company offers personalized T-shirts for ordering online. Design your custom t-shirt using our done-for-you clip art and text.
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