Should You Customize Your School’s T-Shirts?

Custom Screen printing hoodies in Miami

Showing off your school spirit starts with customized t-shirts. Perfect for class, games, bonfires, and more, being able to customize your school t-shirts is just a few easy steps away. Screen printing in Miami allows you to customize, design, and order as much apparel as you need, any time. Let’s look at a few factors when it comes to t-shirt printing in Miami.

Following These Five Tips

1. What Style Should You Choose?

There will be plenty of styles to choose from when you want to jump onboard the school spirit train. T-shirts are always a big hit, as you can easily choose styles that flatter both the ladies and the men. However, you won’t go wrong with a classic sweatshirt or hoodie, especially for wear in the cooler months.

2. Choosing the Design

Does the school in question have any theme? An image they may use as representation? This is a good start when you are custom designing your school t-shirts.

3. Consider Mascot T-Shirts

If you already have a school mascot or popular logo that everyone knows and loves, perfect! You can easily incorporate it into the t-shirts and other apparel you decide to customize.

4. Pick the Right Color

Certain colors represent most school districts. You can create the perfect class shirt by combining a theme, logo, or mascot along with the class colors. Or choose a different color for each grade to make everyone stand out.

5. Go All Out for the Big Game

 Is your school about to have a huge sporting event? A special t-shirt design will help rally the student body behind the team! Design the shirt around the specific sport and add quotes or phrases to bring a sense of camaraderie around the school.

The Three Types of Custom T-Shirts

 Now it’s time to choose the three different types of custom t-shirts. Consider the following:

  • Cool fonts– An eye-catching font will make an amazing t-shirt design.
  • Stylized graphics– Find a trendy design that is colorful and appeals to the masses to apply to the t-shirts.
  • Minimalist styles– A simple design and typography is often the perfect choice, especially when designing t-shirts for a diverse group.

Raise Money Selling Customized T-Shirts

Need to raise money for a school event? Selling customized t-shirts is a simple yet effective way to do so. One easy way is to direct buyers to place an order to your campaign URL. From there, all orders will be shipped directly to each customer, and your school district will keep 100% of the profits you make. Another way is to have the proceeds donated directly to the organization or charity of your choosing after a fundraising campaign ends.  Follow the above steps to create custom t-shirts for your school district. It’s easy, fun, and you’ll love the increase in school spirit that you’ll see occur!