Tips and Tricks for Creating Custom Event and Staff T-Shirts

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Custom event t-shirts are fun and creative ways to market your event while appealing to your attendees’ natural desire to express individuality. Your custom t-shirt ideas can be as simple or as involved as possible. No design skills are required — just a good eye for aesthetics, an understanding of the goals of your marketing campaign, and access to some basic printing supplies. With that in mind, this article will provide insights into how to create custom event shirts effectively. Let’s go!

What is a Custom Event T-Shirt?

A custom event t-shirt is a shirt that your company or organization makes for a specific event. You can use them to promote your event, as an additional marketing tool for the event, or as an exclusive gift for attendees.

Why Create a Custom T-Shirt for Your Event?

One of the most critical factors in creating t-shirts is making sure they reflect your event’s color scheme. If you’re unsure, ask yourself these questions:

  • What colors will be at my event?
  • What colors are popular with my target audience?
  • Are there any colors that I want our attendees to wear but don’t want them wearing in the same way?
  • Are there any colors that I would like people not to wear because they’re too distracting or don’t represent our brand well?

Another factor is making sure that you have enough time for production. The turnaround time between when you order your shirts and when they’re delivered should be no more than a few weeks, so make sure you have enough time before your event begins. Finally, make sure you take shipping costs once you place your order.

Tips and Tricks for Creating Custom Shirts

1. Use your logo

Your logo or event graphic will be the central focus when designing a custom event shirt. Use it in every aspect of the design. The general rule is to include your logo on your front, back, and sleeves.

2. Get creative with colors

Colors impact how an event shirt looks, but it’s easy to get stuck in specific color schemes. So, before you start playing around with colors, ask yourself why you want to wear this shirt.

  • Is it for visibility?
  • Is it for branding?
  • Is it because you enjoy the color palette?

Whatever your reason, make sure that those colors are at the forefront of your mind when crafting your design.

3. Designing an event t-shirt

When designing custom t-shirts for events or companies, it’s best to think of other companies that sell similar products as inspiration. Free up your mind from trying to create something never done before. Look at some other companies that sell apparel like yours and try to emulate their designs using similar colors and patterns.

4. Print options

There are a few different ways you can go about printing a shirt for an event or company: screen printing, digital printing (e-commerce), and traditional offset printing

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Custom Shirts

Avoid the following when creating custom event shirts:

1. Poor quality

Don’t skimp on the design or printing process. The shirt is what will make your event stand out.

2. Too complicated

Don’t try to plan a t-shirt with too many details and designs. Leave room for customization and personalization during the event itself.

3. No planning

If you don’t have clear goals for your custom t-shirts, they may not be as impactful as you’d like them to be. Create a campaign in advance of the event that ties into your overall message so that you can tailor your shirts accordingly.

4. Not enough variety

When designing custom t-shirts, consider including multiple designs so that attendees can see themselves in different poses or even wearing something other than what they wore before.

Get Custom Event T-Shirts Screen Printed

With custom event t-shirts, you can create a memorable experience for your guests and staff and showcase your brand differently. Follow these tips to create the perfect custom event t-shirt personalized for your event.