7 Ways Custom T-Shirts Help You Build School Spirit

School Spirit T-Shirt Screen Printing

Building school spirit can help encourage students to embrace learning and the many activities that the school offers. Custom t-shirts can help out in your efforts to build school spirit.

 At Artees, we are the leader in t-shirt printing in Miami and your go-to team for bulk orders of school spirit shirts. Continue reading to find out about seven ways custom t-shirts can help you build school spirit.

1. Get Into the Spirit of Cleaning Up Around School

Custom t-shirts can help you get students excited for a big cleanup project around the school.

2. Hold Virtual School Spirit Meetings

You can build school spirit in the virtual realm by scheduling online clubs that meet to discuss topics such as baking, books, or helping out around the community. The event is even more fun when everyone wears their school spirit t-shirt.

3. Make Classroom Decorating More Fun

Holding a classroom decorating contest is more engaging for students when prizes such as school spirit t-shirts are given out.

4. Custom T-Shirts Enhance Spirit Fridays

Custom t-shirts can enhance a spirit Friday event and get the school ready to support the team. Having everyone in their spirit t-shirt takes the fun to the next level.

5. Hold a T-Shirt Design Contest

You can get your school’s more artistically inclined students excited about school spirit by holding a t-shirt design contest.

6. Hold a School Dance Party

School dance parties are great for school spirit and even more so when everyone is in their customized spirit t-shirt.

7. Find Ways to Serve the Greater Community

You can show school spirit by having students take on a project that benefits the community while wearing custom t-shirts.

Take Your School Spirit to the Next Level With a Bulk T-Shirt Order

At Artees, we make t-shirt design Miami an easy process. You can take your school spirit to the next level by using our online Design Studio to create custom t-shirts for your next big school spirit event. Placing your bulk order is as simple as uploading your school logo or using our huge library of pre-designed options to create one. We also have a large selection of text and clip art that you can use to customize your school spirit t-shirts. Once you place your order, we will quickly get it shipped out.