What’s Your Foot Traffic Goal? Use Custom A-Frame Signs to Generate More

How would your business benefit if you increased foot traffic by 10%? More visitors to your business also means more possible sales. Reach your sales goals by getting a custom A-frame sign for your business.

Even though online shopping has become more popular, A-frame signs outside of stores have exhibited to be great marketing tools for small businesses. Spread this knowledge so that there can be more custom A-frame signs for businesses in the Miami area!

What We Found

Placing an A-frame sign outside your small business is a great way to drum up sales. Here are the factors as to why this marketing tactic is so effective in increasing foot traffic and boosting sales.

  • A-frame signs work better in areas with less foot traffic.
  • The signage can attract passersby and people riding by your business.
  • Our studies have shown that foot traffic is increased by about 8.3% with the use of an A-frame sign.

What is the A-Frame Signage?

The University of San Diego led a study that showed using sidewalk signs increases small business revenue by about 4.75%. Other names for an A-frame sign include sidewalk signs or sandwich board signs.

If the A-frame is a chalkboard, you can update the promotions and events by merely erasing and rewriting. There are even A-frame signs where you can put a printed poster on it and change it out as needed. These signs endure any weather. It is straightforward, but many businesses utilize A-frame signs to attract customers.

What’s the “A-Game”?

Businesses located inside strip malls, large malls, shopping centers, and etcetera benefit greatly from the use of A-frame signs. 36”x24” are the measurements for a general A-frame sign. Hence, the lettering of a directional A-frame sign can be well noticed by visitors. Find your specially custom A-frame signs for businesses in Miami with Artees. Give us a call at 305-477-1002 to get started!

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