Where to Place Your Logo on an Athletic Performance Shirt

Personalizing a t-shirt with your business’s logo is a great way to advertise your business and get your name out there. There are several ways to get your logo on a t-shirt and make your design unique. The question is, which method is right for you and your business, and how can you get your logo or slogan on a shirt so that it looks clean, unique, and represents the company well. Below is a list of ways you can get your logo on a shirt!

1) Just Use Your Business Name

If your business name is designed as your logo, you can use it to print on a t-shirt. The simpler the better!

Another way you can get your business logo on an athletic shirt in Miami is if it is a bigger logo or your slogan is on the longer side. It is generally considered best to put it on the upper right or left side of your chest. Putting it at chest height will allow your brand to stand out. 

2) Use Symbols

Your logo could look simple and awesome if it already has a symbol, or if you decide to do a symbol or icon, instead of words. For some athletic performance shirts, you can use the entire shirt, front or back, as your canvas.

3. Using Emblems in Your Logo

Emblems are a great way to make a visual connection from people to your brand, just like symbols and icons. For example, when people see emblems that sports teams use, they know which team it is. Using an emblem with your business logo on athletic shirts in Miami gives you a lot of creative room to play around with the design and find exactly what you like!

You can use any of these recommendations to make a great custom t-shirt in our easy to use Design Studio that will make a lasting impression and leave people thinking about your brand!

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